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Craftsmanship Kitchen & Bath
Wood Cabinets

Craftsmanship Kitchen & Bath Wood Cabinets

We combine time-honored construction methods with modern storage solutions for enduring strength and efficient use of space.

Acorn cabinets are engineered with 3/4" materials, and built for generations of use. All drawer boxes feature dovetail joinery or steel construction, and every cabinet is bored, doweled and glued for dimensional stability and durability.

We are DYNAMIC SPACE certified by Blum, which means we can help you create a space with better ergonomics, sufficient storage room, optimal access, and efficient work flow. DYNAMIC SPACE perfects movement in your room, making your space more comfortable, functional and enjoyable.

Craftsmanship Kitchen & Bath Wood Cabinets

Each cabinet piece is both visually inspected and measured by a colorimeter to ensure a color match.

Our quality assurance is meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production.

Every cabinet is made with integrity and pride using a combination of machine technology and manual sanding. State of the art color measuring technology makes it possible for us to measure the color of almost any sample, and reproduce it for your custom piece.

Craftsmanship Kitchen & Bath Wood Cabinets

Finishes can have seven or more steps, and the finishing is all done by hand. A step panel is created to show finishers what each layer should look like, and the colorimeter is used to control manufacturing color tolerances. We refuse to cut corners in the carpentry, finishing or assembly of your cabinets.


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