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Cabinetry with Soul Since 2001

Melamine: Amber Fineline H3199 ST19


Amber Fineline H3199 ST19

texture: Wood Grain
texture: Wood Grain by Egger
finish: Matt

The Fineline decor series offers a hybrid appearance of a linear woodgrain and elegant seagrass, combined with the ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture for depth and authenticity. An updated version of the ever popular linear patterns found commonly in both commercial and residential applications, the Fineline decors are ideal for applications requiring uniform grain structure, such as closets or office furniture. The multi-tone color combinations enable ease of mixing and matching, ideal for open concept spaces and large areas where many materials are used in combination. Amber Fineline, an elegant dark brown with highlights of black and chocolate, can replace brown and black solid colors to create contrast when combined with light solids. Use it to complement the other decors of the Fineline series.

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