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Cabinetry with Soul Since 2001

Advanced Cabinets Manufacture

Manufacture in Chicagoland, USA

  • Made in USA
  • European modern style cabinets
  • Competitive rates that beat competition
  • No delays on shipping

Cabinets created from scratch

Advanced Cabinets have a modern and spacious manufacturing plant, where only the highest quality products are fabricated. Our consultant designers, advanced 3D software, and state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery will bring your project to life! Advanced Cabinets' team of experienced professionals pay close attention to every detail during the manufacturing process.

All manufactured cabinets are fabricated from scratch. Once we have your measurements and choice of styling, we will carefully fabricate and deliver your custom cabinets. Although many clients order kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets, we also provide cabinets for other rooms of your home.

With a huge variety of options to choose from, you can finally get to enjoy a modern, elegant, and practical kitchen/bathroom. Our rapid delivery service includes the Chicagoland area and some of our neighboring states.